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Mönchgut – The south-east Peninsula of Rügen - is not only a landscape taking your breath away, but it’s also having a wonderful cultural wealth. The eight museums of Mönchgut - Heimatmuseum, Museumshof, Rookhus and Museumsschiff "Luise" in Göhren, the Schulmuseum of Middelhagen, the Pfarrwitwenhaus in Groß Zicker, Lotsenwache and Lotsenturm of Thiessow and Küstenfischermuseum of Baabe - offer opportunities for tourists to immerse in the history of Mönchgut and to discover their dying and their lives. All museums are classified as historical building, or are installed in "boat museum" and offer a meaningful way to discover the life and the work of Mönchgut’s fishermen throughout history.

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