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The museum of Garz

Many monuments, roads, schools and the University of Greifswald bear the name of Ernst Moritz Arndt. The same goes for the oldest museum in Garz which also bears the name of this man who was both writer and political journalist for more than 70 years (born in 1769 on the island of Rügen in 1860 and died in Bonne). Since that appointment, the little house with interesting architecture of the wall of Garz hosts a biography of this man, nowadays controversy by writers. Some manuscripts of the Garz’s collection belong to the family and friends of the family Arndt. It offers an exhibition of regional history and has the distinction of being the oldest public collection of Rügen’s museums. Since early 2008, the exterior of the museum was entirely redesign and is a smooth transition to the wall - means of defense of 10.-12th centuries.

The story is the biography - the biography is the story

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