Biosphärenreservat Südost-Rügen

Partner site: The "Holidays Rangers" in the Biosphere Reserve

This year, the “Holidays Rangers” and the administration of the Biosphere Reserve have launched various projects - their primary mission: to perpetuate the main attractions of the island of Rügen for future generations. Join us and you also become a “Holidays Ranger“ in the south-east of Rügen’s Biosphere Reserve.

This project is currently unique in Germany - young ecologists of the Federal Republic shall enjoy their knowledge to visitors of the Biosphere Reserve. The idea and initiative of this project which is proposed for several years, is the result of joint work between the office of the Biosphere Reserve and AVR’s holiday villages of Göhren and was extended in 2007 by DISCOVER RÜGEN.

Nature conservation and tourism are not mutually exclusive; instead they go hand in hand. Young and adults visitors have the great chance to experiment nature with all their senses and to actively participate in its conservation

Biosphere Reserve of south-east Rügen offers the exciting and thrilling holidays you need; finally you’ll find a wide variety of landscapes and so many different habitats.

With great experience and exciting ways, the ”Holidays Rangers" will present flora and fauna of the Biosphere Reserve.

This year we offer the following projects:
• Tracking Smooth snake (Coronella austriaca) of Göhren
• Detection of habitats and hunting areas of bats.
• Shaping or personally experiment the touch trail
• Improved habitat of bats
• Explore the habitats of lizards
• Support measures for the wood ant (Formica)

You are interested! You can find more information concerning these projects on our websites and .

The information on this page was outlined by Jens Otto of RÜGEN DISCOVER Göhren.